Friends…Friendship….Love…. Life…. This is perhaps what most of us have missed in this era of the ‘eternal lockdown-social distancing’, that will hopefully come to an end soon. Tonight’s premiere on Last Day Deaf is ghost prom‘s ‘sunset yesterday‘ and as some of you have imagined is about friends, or more accurately friends’ loss. It’s this laughter at the very end of the ‘gone friend’, that really gave us the chills. Sonically, this gem is a bittersweet, alt-country ballad with an indie pop sparkle (yes it’s damn catchy!). Last but not least, the lyrics are an ode to friendship, and what a priceless gemstone may be.

Emo Υankees are showing the way…


Two spooky kids from a missing milk carton never got found, died, and became ghosts. These ghosts got stuck in a room covered in cobwebs. After freeing their hands from the sheets of self-criticism, they grabbed a couple of guitars. They holed up in the room living on nothing but s’mores, coffee, and cigarettes. 

They decided to start a band. 

Riding the wave of a cinematic soundscape out of the room, the kids are sending their songs full of dark humor and spectral beauty into the world. Their sound is a swamp-soaked blend of country, noir, and pop rock.