Sometimes the people closest to you are the ones you notice the least. So, these lyrics are written from the point of view of a friend talking to me, calling me out. This one isn’t trying to be clever with the wording or be full of sarcasm or double meaning. It’s simply saying what it’s saying, as a matter of fact.

I’m including it on this album because it’s a reminder that usually when you are complaining about something, you usually need to look in the mirror to find the cause of the problem.’ friend slash lover

Tonight we feel excited to host the exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf of LA-based project friend slash lover‘s ‘2 Unaware‘, ahead of its official release on August 27th. The song is a vulnerable, indie rock track with an intimate vocal performance and eerie sound/dreamscapes, with heartfelt lyrics that will directly head for your soul.

Powerful, emotive and straightforward indie music at its finest!

Press Notes:

After a seven-year hiatus, LA-based, Indie Rock/Electronic project friend slash lover announces his fresh new single from  his new concept EP, Mugged on Memory Lane, slated for release later this year.  Mugged on Memory Lane  explores the album protagonist’s feelings of displacement and disillusionment in Los Angeles. An artist drawing inspiration from their city is nothing new, but Hollywood is much more than just a city. It is a purveyor of culture worldwide, so the themes explored here are relatable to people everywhere. MOML is a love letter to Hollywood, and also a critique. At times, funny, sarcastic and dark, but like all good Hollywood narratives, it has a character arc with highs and lows, and lessons learned.

Inspired by defining artists of the 80s like David Bowie and Tears For Fears, the friend slash lover, states that project began as an experiment to see if he could “create a buzz around an artist that didn’t really exist.” When a friend suggested he teach himself guitar, FSL “fell down a rabbit hole and never climbed out,” and he soon found an obsession with turning words and phrases into a “form of fine art.” “I write quirky, thought-provoking phrases,” he says. “Sometimes they get etched onto mirrors, because they take on a new meaning when you look at your own reflection while reading them. Sometimes, they become t-shirts or stencils, and of course many of them started to become song titles and lyrics. In my other career I write taglines for movie posters. It’s basically the same skill: Distilling a big concept down into a few words.”

Today,  friend slash lover  continues to collaborate with his long-time producer and guitarist Greg Pajer, who has had music featured in blockbuster Hollywood movies, including Coming2America, Baywtch, and Zoolander 2. Engineer and guitarist Thom Flowers, who has recently worked with Steve Perry (Journey), is the producer behind “The Memory Hole”.  The pair have been collaborating together since friend slash lover’s first EP, As American As Ones and Zeros. 

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