Today’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf is an extraordinary, almost 7-minute opus by Feverdreamt, off his (Alexander Leonard Donat) upcoming 2nd album ‘Melantant‘ (April 12, Blackjack Illuminist Records). “Oh, God, how do we describe this one? Let’s give it a try“: The abstract rhythm is interrupted by hauntingly eerie, oriental vocals (yes, you read well!), while the tune is heavily based on dark spacey soundscapes and a brave dose of experimentation. This is an enigmatic, claustrophobic experience, you definitely have to to go through, and since words often are pretty weak to describe art (especially like this one), will stop here, not to spoil the “fun”.

Press Notes:

Imagine leaving earth due to humanity’s enormous inability to properly live without destroying everything around them their greedy fingers touch. Earth gone to shit, everything in ashes – and after two centuries of living on a new planet including a complete civilizational re-boot, imagine the memory of Earth completely wiped away. – Then, another hundred years later, inexorable scientists rediscover the Blue Planet, land their cosy little space ship somewhere in a desert region where the Middle/Far East used to be, in a city with scattered debris, burned out ruins. The group finds an old large ballroom. Awkward light shines through stained glass, distant sounds seem to appear and die, the chattering of former guests – ghosts even?

Under a wooden plank, in the dust of ages, the scientists find an old flash drive, and they manage to insert it in their device. The video shows a couple waltzing to mysterious mid-tempo music, their performance is equally disturbing as it is gut-wrenching, an intimate moment of two lovers who get lost in the psychedelic trance of sandstorm memories. They stop and go like the minimal electronic beats, as if their minds suffered a process of constant re-programming by some oblique governmental authority in an ever-changing dystopic world where any hint of dissidence was seen as a potential threat. Mysterious oriental melodies, washed out synths, loops, melted remnants of guitars. The couple silently sings along to a lamenting voice that tells stories in a language nobody understands any more.