Tonight’s exclusive track premiere on Last Day Deaf, is by a young rapper, who creates music under the EXØUS alias. ‘Death King‘ is a concise & pitchy hip-hop jam about the artist himself ‘rebelling against his negative emotions‘ with consequential lyrics like “Done with the people who trying focused on people who riding uh“, while spitting the rhymes with immense confidence over the four-star, noir soundscapes and the lysergic beats.

This is endoscopic hip-hop at its best, quite afar from the popular topics (no need for examples!), bold enough to talk about, if not banish, the inner demons. Turn this “beast” up now and pay attention!

Press Notes:

“Death King” is a story about me rebelling against my negative emotions, but when I do my demons start to hunt me down because they want me to lose and not be able to reach my full potential. You can visualize this when I start off the song by saying “Death to the king we starting a riot we sneaking around so better be quite”, I also talk about the topic of who I need to trust, for example when I say “Done with the people who trying focused on people who riding uh” which means like I am tired of all the fakes so now I need to focus on the people who have always been there for me. The last major part of this song is when l recognize that I do not need to run away from these emotions to be able to guide myself in the right path but what I need to do is accept them because they are apart of me, you can feel this when I say “I am a king in my own right I feel like jughead my niggas call me the foresight I wasn’t living so I was looking for more life put in the work and become the greatest like allmight.”