The journey is deep and intense and we know it’s worth diving in.” Yes, indeed it’s deep and intense. Today’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf is by Italian electronic duo Erstav and a tune (‘The Other Self‘) off their upcoming release ‘Underdog‘, out on March 29th via “hard to squeeze into a mold” label Muti Music.

The Other Self‘ is a sublime tune, mixing in merely 4 minutes idm, glitch, leftfield bass, industrial, dubstep and creating a genre of their own. Or preferably their own unique universe bringing in mind acts like ‘You Guys Kill Me‘-era The Third Eye Foundation. Still notconvinced? Just press the play button below, wear your diving suit and get lost in the abysmal depth of this opus…‎

Press Notes:

Erstav has established a sound that is diverse and unique. His new EP ‘Underdog’ once again pushes the boundaries of ‘post-dubstep’ and halftime DnB and always blends in some acid influences and Techno aesthetics. The tunes are deep, at times even industrial and somehow also manage to be uplifting. The journey is deep and intense and we know it’s worth diving in.
Erstav is Marco Ravo, residing from north-eastern Italy and having a passions for Breakbeat, Sound Design, Techno, Punk, Power Electronics and a passion for music hardware respectively. His sound is rooted in analog hardware and techno, always looking at emerging genres as new influences and diverse enough to merge the sounds unique to those genres.

Muti Music Cat #: Muti254 UPC # 099854349137 For Release: 29 March 2019

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About Erstav

Erstav is a project founded in 2015 by the Italian artists Marco and Alessandro.

In the past ten years, Marco has released different projects under various monikers, with tracks ranging from electronica to breaks and techno. His constant research for aesthetic and rhythmic elements in music and sound design slowly pushed him towards the underground border of the electronic music scene, where he found his comfort zone in a careful balance between minimalism and musicality.

Alessandro’s infuences instead come from an industrial and punk background and his frst experiments in electronic music were heavily infuenced by the d.i.y. ethos of punk and power-electronics and driven by a passion for electronic music hardware. He’s been involved with different bands and music collectives until 2005 when he moved to London and started to work on his own solo projects.

The collision of these different worlds and infuences is obvious in Erstav’s music, where sound sources ranging from foley recording of old toys to analog and digital synths, drum machines and modular systems and a mix of elements from different genres such as dubstep, grime, IDM and Industrial are layered to create dark and unique soundscapes.