Tonight we feel ecstatic to host the exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf of droefkalkoen‘s indietronica 10minute, experimental indietronica magnum opus (don’t be afraid of its duration, every single second is invaluable!), With ‘Delta Waves‘ the 29-year-old producer, who is based out of the Dutch city of Leeuwarden proves to be at his top form of creativity, and more than adequate in creating powerful, melancholic ‘waves’ through his synths, but moreover we also have to mention the charismatic, and ‘unnamed’ singer who lifts off the track with his impeccable, soulful performance.

Delta Waves‘ is among those rare tracks that could go on forever. An infinite, powerful experience that exceeds the art limitations. It’s life itself in a way. Can you feel it? We can!

Press Notes:

Droefkalkoen’s upcoming release ‘Delta Waves’ is a melancholic, yet danceable track that is sure to elicit a response. The EP features an instrumental version and a single edit. The single edit is about half as long for those of you who want to get down to it as soon as possible.

The intro features big, sentimental synths that you could almost drown in, only to be superceded by smooth beats and crisp vocals when the first verse comes in. For this release droefkalkoen partnered up with a vocalist who prefers to remain unnamed for now. All mistery aside, the marriage between chill beats and heartfelt vocals

‘Delta Waves’ was produced and recorded entirely in Reason 11. It was made during the COVID-19 lockdown, which might explain the chill, yet melancholic vibe.

Delta Waves will be released on all major streaming platforms on the 6th of May, 2021.


The 29-year-old producer ‘droefkalkoen’ is based out of the Dutch city of Leeuwarden. His music can be described as electronic and downtempo, sometimes with a bit of a lo-fi twist. He works as a chemistry teacher by day and fills his spare time tinkering with electronics and, of course, producing music.

He started producing in his teenage years on an outdated version of Reason as a way to pass the time. As the years went by he got more experienced and confident in his work and in 2020 he released his debut single ‘Pneumatic Pillow Talk’. This song was made in Reason 11 and featured a backing of chill Rhodes couple with sultry saxophone melodies over the top. ‘Pneumatic Pillow Talk’ and was a moderate succes, especially considering it was a first release. It was featured on blogs such as ‘Last Day Deaf’ and ‘The Word is Bond’. It also landed on several lo-fi and chillhop playlists on Spotify and Apple Music.