Last Day Deaf is excited for the exclusive premiere of Car Crash Sisters‘ ‘Anne Louisse Of The Raging Seas‘. A Mexican quartet that combines alternative & grunge with dream pop & shoegaze. What? Yes, you read well, and probably this track is the perfect example of this ‘marriage’.

If it weren’t a Blackjack Illuminist Records‘ release, I would seriously wonder, if I pressed the wrong buttons (again) and got transferred in mid 90’s. But this is what the band’s singer had to state about this cool tune…

Singer’s Kique statement about the track:
This song is a bit old. I used to have this post-grunge-ish band between 2003 and 2010 and this is probably the last song I wrote for this project.
I always liked it and hated the idea of never giving this song a chance, so while we were writing songs for ‘Sundance Sea’, I decided to show it to the band, and thankfully, they liked it. I just had to change a few things to make it fit into our repertoire, and there you go, a (not so) new Car Crash Sisters song.
This is one of my favorite songs on our debut album “Sundance Sea”, because although its sections share some similarities, most of those parts are only played once, like the intro, for example, but some of its chords serve as a way to connect the verse with the chorus while others help to build the outro.
I had the idea of the name when I was a graphic designer at a travel agency. I was watching some pictures of a place called ‘Ixtapa Zihuatanejo’ and started daydreaming about it. I also created this character, “Anne Louisse”, as some sort of co-protagonist in this imaginary love-themed song.”

‘Anne Louisse Of The Raging Seas’:

Press Release

The often rather gloomy topic of closure including the process of facing it vs. a seemingly uplifting album title like “Sundance Sea“ –  it‘s  not the only contrast that you will find when approaching the new album by Car Crash Sisters from Aquascalientes, Mexico.

The four-piece band has a knack for the ‘90s and combines roaring alternative guitars with the ethereal attitude of dream pop/shoegaze minus it‘s sedative character. Singer Kique knows when a song requires a raunchy, almost grungy voice, and the band knows how to write hooks whereas others fully rely on sound. But CCS songs embrace development. In the second half of each track the band opens up for a new round of either a surprising melody or an instrumental wall of sound. Take “Orange”: after two minutes of driven, crashing drums, flushes of flanger effects, it doesn’t slow down but offers a magnificent, almost peaceful guitar riff which is to die for, even more when Kique’s voice offers some softer aspects. Or the catchy first single “In Another World” which is getting increasingly hypnotic and intense, it includes female vocals by Alma, Kique’s wife.

However, highlighting single songs isn’t necessary when the whole album has an exemplary arc of suspense. You get a bunch of harmonic changes, sunny choruses, some dissonant guitars, howling feedback, tension – and ultimately: relief. Perfectly balanced 39 minutes from start to finish.

‘Sundance Sea’ was the name of a pre-historic epeiric sea that fully receded.  Maybe, it’s a kind of closure, too?

Car Crash Sisters started as a project by Alma Saucedo and Kique Jiménez in 2013 in the city of Aguascalientes, Ags, Mexico. Combining influences of noise, shoegaze and dream pop, CCS released their first single ‘Anyway’, generating good acceptance among followers of these genres. During 2014, the single ‘Automatic’ was selected as one of the best shoegaze / dream pop songs of the year on the North American radio station DKFM. On May 7, 2015 the EP ‘The Crystal Garden’ was released, being received positively by media such as Remezcla, The Big Takeover (NY) and Marvin Magazine. During the promotion of ‘The Crystal Garden’ Car Crash Sisters went on tour. In 2016 they were part of the Marvin Festival and began recording their first album entitled ‘Sundance Sea’, which releases on March 16, 2018 on Blackjack Illuminist Records.
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