We feel more than excited for tonight’ exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, by the up-and-coming, Long Island NY rapper BLAME BO$ANOVUH, and his absolute rap banger ‘The Final Boss‘. Featuring some pretty wild wordplay, killer attitude, super dynamic bars and a gritty bass line combined with ace flow and the crucial guidance by his executive producer, manager and business partner, Nobody The Initiate.

The Final Boss‘ is officially out on November 11th, and will be the debut release for the brand new imprint MAFA MoVeMeNT Mu$!C.

This one is “gonna make you sweat”!


BLAME BO$ANOVUH is a new independent hip hop artist from Long Island NY who is officially formally launching onto world’s stage with his release of “The Final Boss” on 11/11/22. This song is being released with his executive producer, manager and business partner, Nobody The Initiate, under their new brand launching with this song’s release, “MAFA MoVeMeNT Mu$!C”.

At only 22, “The Final Boss” serves as a way for BLAME, Nobody, and MAFA MoVeMeNT Mu$!C to collectively display their wide range of creative and artistic potential ranging from unique vocals, rythms, melodies, and production, all of which is sophisticated intertwined with BLAME’s one of a kind wordplay.
“The Final Boss” makes this trio appear to be further ahead as a team then BLAME’s age may seem to suggest. However, BLAME BO$ANOVUH is not random happening or accident. His inate talent was serendipitously noticed in early 2020 by his now manager, business partner, and executive producer, Nobody The Initiate.

Under Nobody The Initiate’s guidance who is over ten years his senior, BLAME BO$ANOVUH has been strategectly staying patient while also diligently working quietly for nearly the past two years cultivating his skills as a song writer and performer, as well as developing himself overall as a well rounded future, world wild super start artist.