Tonight we feel thrilled to host the exclusive 2-track premiere on Last Day Deaf from New York hip-hop outfit Rolling Stallones, CT underground hip-hop veteran Expertiz & Nick Marv (NYC emcee and former frontman of Adios Mafia) backed by the sample-driven production of Goji Rock. ‘Velvet‘ & ‘Damn It Feels Good to be a Stallone‘ are taken from their upcoming album ‘Vol. 4: Like Life Depends on it…‘ and the love and respect for the Golden Age of hip-hop just cannot be hidden.

Relentless rapping, dirty samples, robust rhythm, slick vibes and along for the ride lyrics are the main ingredients for ‘Velvet‘, a meteoric, flawless old-school hip-hop banger with tons of attitude straight from the ‘Tarantino’ universe.

Damn It Feels Good to be a Stallone‘ is a sluggish hymn for those endless ‘nights where you’re sitting on your rooftop just trying to process the world around you‘ explain the Rolling Stallones, and we simply cannot get enough from its twenty-four carat, noir nature and its exquisite rhythm and dope hook!

This is a sui generis double bill that will keep you hooked on for days…..


The Rolling Stallones are ferocious hip-hop collaboration among emcees Expertiz and Nick Marv with producer Goji Rock. Their relentless flow, gritty braggadocio, dusty-samples, and reckless attitudes are a tribute to and result of their love for the Golden Age of Hip-Hop. In 2020, they released their debut album “Vol. 1: Cause for Concern”, catching listeners off guard with a raw collection of boom-bap stylings and bravado. They followed it up later in 2020 with “Vol. 2: Killa McGillacutty and Disciple of the Blade”, a concept album in which Expertiz and Nick Marv explore the outlaw landscape with a hip-hop flair. In 2021, the Rolling Stallones released “Vol. 3: Negative Space”. The group brought the thunder with experimental beats and socio-political criticism and reflection. Now, they are releasing “Vol. 4: Like Life Depends on it…” a 21- track love-letter to all things hip-hop and dope. This time, Goji Rock pulled no punches with the beats, providing Nick Marv and Expertiz with a wide array of vibes and styles to create a varied and engaging collection of music