Last Day Deaf will be present at AN Club (Athens) on January 6th, to cover the “Diggin’ Out Fest Volume 2” featuring four of the coolest garage/rock n’ roll bands (Blue Night Trip, The Dead Dranks, The Cyclothymics, The Dark Rags). We are really proud to host interviews from all four participating bands (we have recently done one for The Dead Dranks), and of course this Q+A with the event’s organizer Rumble Skunk Records’ Spiros Pelekis.

So Spiros, what’s the initiative behind Diggin’ Out Fest Vol.2? Could you share some words about Vol.1, which were the participating bands, feedback, etc?

Hello Christos! Diggin’ Out Fest is a brand new festival that takes place once per year, hopefully!!! It is dedicated to rock’n’roll; Diggin’ Out some cool bands!!! The name of the fest came out of the blue… I had a chat with my friend Christos, while I realized we were talking something like that… Dig, Digging, Diggin’ etc. Well, my love for rock’n’roll is behind Diggin’ Out Fest!!! Volume 1 took place one year ago at AN club and we had lotsa fun! The bands were cool as well, The Tenement Rats, The Amaters, The Snails, The Mongrelettes! We got positive feedback, everyone was smiling, dancing, boozing, hanging around etc. Good vibes everywhere! As said, fun is the key!

Regarding Rumble Skunk, started a few years ago as a fanzine. Nowadays a label & an event organizer. Would you like to tell us the story so far?

Rumble Skunk started like a fanzine years ago… It was my rock’n’roll starship! Only two-of-a-kind issues saw the light of day!?! Times they’re a changin’ & now Rumble Skunk is a cool rock’n’roll label, founded in 2012 by Spiros & Elissavet!!! Our first vinyl release from the land of OZ was Lords Of Gravity – ‘The Curse Of Icarus‘ LP! We have plans to put out another release sooner or  later?! Time & money will tell…?! Our motto is ”All About Rock’n’Roll Science” & our logo is Frankenstein!!! Actually, I’m not an event-organizer or a Dj, no real biz-action here! As said, I run all these things with a true rock’n’roll romance & I mean it! All these things powered by a ”professional” attitude/behaviour & touched with a psych-out feeling! You know, we all are unique people!!!

What made you  choose The Dark Rags, The Cyclothymics, The Dead Dranks & Blue Night Trip for this volume of Diggin’ Out Fest?

The Dark Rags is one of my fave Greek bands! Their 2nd album ‘Paranoia Blues‘ was brilliant! The Cyclothymics, The Dead Dranks were cool as well, actually I met a couple band members by chance and I decided for my own weird reasons to book them for the fest. Blue Night Trip were supposed to play on the first volume, but unfortunately things sometimes are getting out of time?! Never too late, I guess…?!

How difficult is it to organize such an event in the ‘crisis’ years we are going through?

Crisis? Do you mean Personality Crisis, right? Well, organizing an event with Greek bands is kinda like a piece of cake! Just kidding… If you have the desire by your side everything’s easy!

So are we going to party on 6th January?

Of course!!! One way or another we will have fun to the max!!!

Is it too early to talk about plans for Volume 3?

Nope! Maybe next year a cool rock’n’roll band from Switzerland will play… Time will tell once again…?! Well, that’s all for now… Take an in-depth look to yourself and evaluate what you see! Happy New year to all!

Christos Doukakis