Last Day Deaf will be present (with the help of our U.S. correspondent Sky Lesco) at Circuit Under Club (Lima, Peru) on February 18th, to cover the Dark Minimal Love (Peru Minimal Wave Fest) featuring five outstanding minimal synth/cold wave projects/bands (Ferdinand Cärclash, Tearful Moon, Antidolby, Stockhaussen and Selofan). We are really proud to (fingers crossed) host interviews from all five participating acts (already having published from Tearful Moon & Selofan), and of course this Q+A with the event’s organizers Jacobo Levy and Liliana Cisneros (both Infravox Récords, InClub Récords and InClub Radio).

So can you please tell us who is behind the very interesting Dark Minimal Love (Peru Minimal Wave Fest) and what are you doing at the moment?

The Dark Minimal Love is a project that was thought some time ago, is managed by the twin labels InClub and Infravox Records in common with the radio that we manage, on the other hand it is part of a dream since Liliana Cisneros and I (Jacobo Levy) have an extensive tour in the new wave underground scene of our country, so we thought it would be more than convenient and necessary to point to the new sounds influenced by the new wave analogue of the 80s and not let lose the essence and mystic that has meant this style compared to the daily and repetitive current. For the moment is to follow this line and put together more festivals, as well as new productions through our record labels

What made you choose these bands/acts for the Dark Minimal Love Fest?

Individually reagarding the choice of bands, all are within the style that we spread, in addition three of them are collaborators of us Antidolby, Stockhaussen and Ferdinand Cärclash, on the other hand it is an honor to present one of the  pillars within the new wave/minimal of Europe, meaning Selofan, without leaving behind that act that brings them in sound and performance called Tearful Moon.

Are there any Peruvian genre & non-genre artists we should take notice of?

Mmm, there are acts that we have discovered that use elements of the 80s scene analogue. On the other hand, there are some that make effort but internally the components are very problematic and end up destroying their own ideas, something so self destructive, by the way we are trying to route these boys through small festivals in our country.

What is the motto of Dark Minimal love, if there is one…

The theme is for the month of love plus a mixtape that I do especially for Liliana (my wife) a couple of years ago, taking as a reference this was the idea of putting DML, sounds very cheesy but the connotation is quite Dark.

Which were the main difficulties in organizing such an event?

In Peru the public has lost confidence in this type of events; the reason is that other organizers have dropped events and have not kept their word in bringing the artists much publicity but little truth. On the other hand in this event we had to buy sound equipment for concerts since the premises that exist in Lima do not have. It has been difficult to call the public but the effort has been made, in fact we try to evoke in its entirety and solve the details satisfactory, so that public and artists get more personal gain through supporting the independent scene.

Should we expect another one in the future, or too early to ask?

Of course. And very soon one full of very dark guitars. Many thanks Christos for the interview, although delayed in response by our part, a hug embrace.

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Christos Doukakis