Last Day Deaf will be present at 8ball Club (Thessaloniki) on January 6th, to cover the “Baptized In Black Blood Fest.” featuring four of the best underground black metal acts (Embrace Of Thorns, The Psalm, Necrochakal, Ectoplasma). We are really proud to host interviews from all four participating bands, and of course this Q+A with the event’s organizer Babis Lainis.

So Babis, what’s the initiative behind “Baptized In Black Blood Fest.”? In other words, how was the project brought to life?

The purpose of this underground extreme fest is to gather the underground forces, meet with friends and give people something that they may wanna see alive!! That Idea started some months ago by me.. I talked with the bands that all of them are really good friends, they agreed and finally we did it!!

What led you to choose these 4 bands for the 1st “Baptized In Black Blood Fest.”?

As I mentioned above those bands are good friends and also create great underground music! I think this will also be obvious up on stage on 6th of January.

Will “Baptized In Black Blood Fest.” be a dedicated black metal Fest or are there plans to broaden the Fest to other extreme metal genres like death, grind, etc.?

Baptized In Black Blood started as an Idea and if it has a good correspondence I will think to make it come true for the following years!! The idea and purpose is to host bands that really are into u/g fuckin extreme scene!! We’ll see bout that!! It’s too early..

A few days before the event. How difficult was to organize such an event then? Do you believe that dedicated fans will attend? Why Thessaloniki?

Totally!! That’s why we organize that Blasphemous U/G event in Thessaloniki!!!I wanna believe that this event will have a good attendance!!!

Is it too early to talk about another “Baptized In Black Blood Fest.”?

Yes!! I said it already!! We’ll see how the 1st act will go and reagrding the correspondence and some other important factors and in the near future I will decide.

A phrase which best describes “Baptized In Black Blood Fest.” for closing this brief Q+A….


Christos Doukakis