Electronic Vortex will put a spotlight on the hard hitting, groovy, edgy and above all dance-able aspect of electronic music featuring 8 fresh tunes to trip the light fantastic.  

On decks: Christos Doukakis

Jimmy Knoxx – ‘Time to Jam’

(tech house), Republic of Moldova

JAYCiX – ‘The Third Phase’

(tech house), United States

Kapuzen- ‘Chemicals (On The Dance Floor)’

(bass house, tehc house), United States

Code Elektro – ‘Solar Sails’

(synthwave), Canada

MAXI MERAKI – ‘Home’ (Ft. Starving Yet Full)

(indie electronic, melodic techno), Belgium

Deborah Aime La Bagarre – ‘Eurovision’

(house), France

Louisa Beck – ‘Dead Planet’

(dark techno), Germany

DJ Hollowbase – ‘Winter Wonderland’ – Original Mix

(trance), Finland