Electronic Vortex will put a spotlight on the hard hitting, groovy, edgy and above all dance-able aspect of electronic music featuring 8 fresh tunes to trip the light fantastic.  

On decks: Christos Doukakis

Vortex – ‘Endearment’

(drum n’ bass, jungle), Austria

Mountains of Acid – ‘A Ghost Hunter’s Party’

(dark techno, acid techno), Netherlands

George Mensah – ‘Every Night’

(house, tech house), United Kingdom

Laurent Dé – ‘Love You More’

(house), Canada

Ōkubi – ‘Returning’

(idm, electro), United Kingdom

Montell Jordan – ‘This Is How We Do It’ (how about here. remix)

(electro, melodic techno), United States

Apex Zero – ‘Live Free (On Insurrection)’

(drum n’ bass), United Kingdom

Julian König – ‘Extraterrestrial’

(hard techno, trance), Germany