Mike Golding and Steven Rutter managed to provide, since early 90’s, with groundbreaking intelligent techno and unique electronica (call it IDM), as B12. It was 1993, when their debut ‘Electro-Soma‘ got released through Warp Records, and as you rightly guessed, a reissue (newly remastered) on vinyl and a 2CD set is planned for August 25, and as FACT reports with a lot of goodies such as ‘track-by-track annotations, a new essay about the group’s early years and archival photos, memorabilia and posters from the same era‘. Furthermore, a companion release will also be released (‘Electro-Soma II‘), featuring other early and rare tracks compiled by the group that marks its first time on vinyl.

One of the most characteristic tracks of the era follows below…

Christos Doukakis