Concluding their run of video releases from the ‘Memory’ EP unleashed earlier in 2016, the Berlin based duo Velvet Kills deliver news of their ‘Red Shoes‘ video single.

Driven by a sensually hypnotic pulse that is layered with atmospheric textures and sultry vocal tones, ‘Red Shoes‘ tells the tale of an epic love story both aurally and visually. ‘A trip inside a woman’s mind that listens as her inner critic rejects and fights against love, until realising that being vulnerable is a mark if strength, not weakness. The challenge of accepting love’ (Quote – lyricist – Susana Santos). Produced by Ron Goldstein and Art Mistake, the ‘Red Shoes‘ video features guest appearances from Tanja Ellensohn and Maria do Rosario Pocas.
Forming in 2015 over their mutual love for new wave, alternative rock and post punk electronica, founders Susana Santos (Vocals/Bass) and Harris Iveson (Guitar/Synths) have shaped their artistic persona under the influence of Joy Division, Iggy Pop, Kas Product, Lou Reed and The Clash etc. Drenched in a sonic world of melodic synths, electric guitar riffs, drum machines and subversive subject matters, the ‘Memory‘ EP introduced the duo to acclaim from underground media across many nations.
Displaying an insatiable appetite to create and evolve  – Velvet Kills also confirm completion of their forthcoming EP ‘Mischievous Urges‘. Landing in January 2017, the EP shall mark the beginning of a new chapter in the Velvet Kills story.