Ophelia The Suffering‘s project Ecstasphere returns with its third album and first release on Audiotrauma to begin a new chapter of the project’s musical journey. Prepare for an emotionally challenging, exhilarating and overwhelmingly sensual listening experience.

“Transgressions: Documenting Decay” comes with a more direct political undercurrent than the previous albums – it is about how the world we find ourselves in today is mirroring us and our inner conditions. How the political events of 2016 and 2017 did not come out of nowhere but rather exemplify the dangerous development of human societies that has been going on for a much longer time than most people seem to acknowledge. How the ongoing rise of fascism we are observing all over the world right now is a result of the catastrophic and inhumane form of capitalism that shaped us all, and that the social decay we are experiencing is a reflection of our own inner decay. By addressing her own inner decay as the focal narrative of this album, making it a symbol of the decay of social justice as a whole, Ophelia is trying to draw attention to the fact that a lot of personal despair is in correlation with, caused by and in turn causing social injustice.

The anti-fascist theme of this album is accompanied by new stylistic nuances, a more excessive use of breakbeats and elements of various genres such as Metal and Dubstep mixed into the reknowned warm, organic version of Rhythmic Noise and skillfull experimentation with contrast that has always distinguished ECSTASPHERE’s sound. Constantly evolving, complex beat patterns and surprising structural turns underline the bold compositional decisions Ophelia has made for this album to create a unique experience that never ceases to touch the soul of the listener.


Composed, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Ophelia The Suffering.
Mastered by Arco Trauma.
Artwork by Lisa Schwabe.
Layout by Lene Gadewoll.