8 recent gems from the dark spectrum, from dark wave to cold wave and from minimal synth to post punk, and everything in between as long as its “bleak”. Essential for every “creature of the night”!

Jimmy Dread is the solo project of Brother’s Creeper drummer JR Rhine, and ‘Daggers’ is a stunning electro/synth-pop single about love & loss, with intense 80s vibes, from his upcoming full-length out June 10th….

Montreal duo Down With Space recently revealed their upbeat synth-punk banger ‘Not Your Time’, which sounds like DEVO jamming with Servotron!

Guts are definitely necessary to cover Cure’s hymn ‘Trust’. And by all means, the Brazilian synthpop/dark wave band Cubüs seems to have them. The collaboration with Louder on this poetic reimagination of this classic is a remarkable moment of 2022 for all “creatures of the night”…. Such a treasure!

Swedish outfit Red Mecca combine synth-pop, dark wave and post punk for their latest alluring single ‘The Longest Hour’, and we just cannot escape from this era-gasmic addiction. Or, maybe we just don’t want to!

Sindicato Vertical was formed in 2017 in Alicante (Spain) from the ashes of the band Cromosoma 3, and their style is a mix of post punk, new wave and cold wave. ‘Under the skin’ is their best release to date and reminded us a bit of Manicure’s magnum opus ‘I Wanna Be Free’!

Blind Seagull’s ‘Passing By’ is the second single from their upcoming new album ‘Personal Decay’, out 24 June 2022 on Avant! Records, and is a shimmering post punk anthem!

Portland based dark electronic duo Graveyard Gossip’s ‘Hyperkinetic’ is a stunning synth punk treat somewhere in between Kælan Mikla & Siouxsie Sioux…. Destined for endless dancing in the best u/g Batcave parties!

Missouri band Enemy Airship recently gifted us with their nervy, upbeat post punk number ‘Little Cable Boy’, which is the 3rd single from their upcoming record to be released later this year. On repeat!

Christos Doukakis