8 recent gems from the dark spectrum, from dark wave to cold wave and from minimal synth to post punk, and everything in between as long as its “bleak”. Essential for every “creature of the night”!

Parisian coldwave trio FTR return in absolute style with a noisy, coldwave banger ‘White Light’ with tons of gloomy reverb and enough energy to wake up your nearest volcano….

The Night Office is a more than promising just formed, dark wave band, based in Tampa, FL, and their recently released track, and video ‘Hot Ghost’, is a nihilistic, dark wave/minimal synth addiction with alluring vocals and divine synth work, “about a man who is obsessed with a woman to the point that she appears as a ghost at night”. 

August Angst comes from France, and his 3rd single ‘You’ll Never Know’ is an imposing dark wave/minimal electro hybrid with engaging melodies and distinctive, baritone vocal work, that will directly seep into your brain; According to the creator, this bleak treasure was “inspired by a sad video he watched: a cow hiding her newborn because farmers took away her previous offsprings so she can produce milk for consumption”….

The solo project of Norfolk, VA native Gary Watson, Jack Moody’s ‘Demons’ is a pretty personal, ear-gasmic, post punk song, bringing in mind debut-era Interpol (more lo-fi though!), with a touch of slowcore…. Let’s fight our demons! 

DADGAD is an one man mess (sic!) from Italy, and ‘Goodbye’ is the closing dynamite from the 4-track ‘CONTROL EP‘, an 107 second, minimal synth-punk ear-candy that will defo get you moving! Out on Detroit’s Painters Tapes, in U.S.A., and in EU from Belgium’s Magic Max Records.  

Get ready for some disco/post punk groove with Canadian outfit AUS!Funkt’s ‘No Claim’ a stunning sample from their freshly released album ‘Turn To Rust’… Sounds like LCD Soundsystem on dopamine!

Teenhood’s ‘Same Mistakes’ is a fiery post punk single with great lyrics that everyone may relate, and especially those with abusive parents. No hype, no trends, only passion and energy from these Swedish underdogs! Ace stuff…

Finishing with the genre-bending gem by the Toronto-based artist James Something who is bold & capable enough to genuinely mix nu disco, indietronica, post punk and electro funk is his super stylish ‘Didn’t Get’….  

Christos Doukakis