Who knows anymore! What’s a fact, anyway? That being said, the fact IS if they want to bring more music, though, who’s gonna tell ‘em no? Long story short, they were already busy, making plans and other things over the past year or so (again who really knows…?) when this worldwide plague broke loose. But hey when life gives you lemons, make….. music right? We’re all dealing with it now, distanced from the life we’ve known – but for the Dope boys, the loss of liberties opened up another dimension of time and space to get their collective heads together, even spread across the country as they are.

So this is it – an isolation-vibe mixtape full of surge-n-swag, digi-fuckd, indie-rocked, and generally hyphenated-as-fuck Dope fury way up in the mix. Their explosive alone-together head-space is rife with rock but etched exquisite corpse-style, full of fuzz, production wack and frantically-focusing lens flare Zoom-ing (notice the relevant use of pronoun here?) in and out everywhere. Man until we can all get out of our personal podspace, this is gonna be great to help face this new world coming. Hey Dope Body – what you got next?