Dope. playlist series will feature 10 recent gems, mostly focusing on emerging artists, you should, now or never, get round to. No genre boundaries applied, just “dope” music… Let’s get it on!

Artist: Drones Que Caen

Track: Condicionado

Genre: downtempo, drone

Artist: Reece

Track: BEAM

Genre: indie r&b, pop

Artist: Black Flowers Cafe

Track: Who

Genre: indie rock

Artist: Osei & Armani


Genre: cloud rap, hip-hop

Artist: The Brooks

Track: Turn Up The Sound

Genre: funk

Artist: Old Nobodaddy

Track: My Shadow

Genre: blues, americana

Artist: No-kë

Track: Movement 2

Genre: modern classical, cinematic

Artist: Giudi

Track: NoBody

Genre: indie electronic, electro pop

Artist: Thomas Hewitt Jones

Track: Evermore (Feat. Emma Penrose)

Genre: neoclassical

Artist: Fossilize Me

Track: Grown

Genre: downtempo, neoclassical, “modular synth”

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis