Dope. playlist series will feature 10 recent gems, mostly focusing on emerging artists, you should, now or never, get round to. No genre boundaries applied, just “dope” music… Let’s get it on!

Artist: Magnetband

Track: durch

Genre: dark wave, post punk

Artist: Marottes

Track: Hanging (Edit)

Genre: synth-pop, indietronica

Artist: Causeries

Track: Let Go

Genre: post punk, alternative rock

Artist: Lolita Terrorist Sounds

Track: Curse

Genre: post punk, psychedelic rock

Artist: Brian Silk

Track: We Live in Dystopia

Genre: new wave, indie rock

Artist: STR4TA

Track: Turn Me Around

Genre: indietronica, electro funk

Artist: JW Francis

Track: I Wanna Be Your Basketball

Genre: lo-fi rock, indie

Artist: Povy

Track: Ghost

Genre: indie folk, slowcore

Artist: D Fine Us

Track: A Little Bit Of Rain

Genre: neo soul

Artist: Belaganas

Track: Cresco

Genre: hip-hop

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis