Dope. playlist series will feature 10 recent gems, mostly focusing on emerging artists, you should, now or never, get round to. No genre boundaries applied, just “dope” music… Let’s get it on!

Artist: Tired All The Time

Track: SUN

Genre: indie rock, alternative

Artist: rerunn

Track: people

Genre: indie rock, alternative

Artist: The Anix & INHUMAN

Track: Quicksand

Genre: industrial rock, indietronica

Artist: Sub*T

Track: Table for Four

Genre: alternative rock, grunge

Artist: Ave.


Genre: phonk, wave, hip-hop

Artist: Kate Gratson

Track: Her

Genre: neo soul, indie r&b

Artist: Melted Wings

Track: Capture Love

Genre: new wave, synthwave

Artist: Mayhem NODB, Jammz & Blay Vision

Track: RAH

Genre: grime, rap


Track: eyes closed.

Genre: emo rap, wave

Artist: TaReef KnockOut

Track: Fruits of My Labor

Genre: hip-hop

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis