Ding An Sich was formed in Athens in the mid-80’s. Influenced by the punk ethos and the post-punk aesthetics, they left their stigma in the local underground scene, with a handful of live shows and one 7” single release. Come early 90’s and the first transformation of the band occurred. More of a studio project with female vocalists and a change of style delving into the electronic/ethereal realms, they released the Nietzsche-inspired ‘The Wanderer & His Shadow‘ in 1996.

Fast forward and twenty years later, amongst even further changes, events, highs and lows, the band strikes back with the release of two albums. ‘तत् त्वम् असि 7‘ and ‘तत् त्वम् असि 23‘.

तत् त्वम् असि 7‘ (pronounced “Tat Tvam Asi 7”) is sort of a belated album, consisting of songs conceived, recorded and re-worked between 1998 and 2008. Keyboard dominated with guitars and female vocals, covering a wide range of post-punk electronic areas.

तत् त्वम् असि 23‘ (pronounced “Tat Tvam Asi 23”) is indeed a step forward, closer to the aesthetics of 4AD’s This Mortal Coil, with drones and electronics (occasionally Kraut-ish), creating dark atmospheres or ethereal soundscapes with the ever present amazing female voices,

Both releases heavy weight vinyl (180 gr) and gatefold paste-on cardboard sleeve, limited to 200 copies.

Grab your copy, before it’s too late by contacting: ding_an_sich_band@yahoo.gr. or contact them via their Facebook Page.