It was on 3rd May when Destruction blasted upon the world once again, thrashing the walls of hell. Teutonic thrash metal pioneers, Destruction made a worldwide release via Nuclear Blast: their new beast, ‘Under Attack‘. It takes a lifetime in thrash metal, with numerous classic releases, to achieve what they have offered to the metal-thrashing mad followers. They have worked a lot to win their throne and become one among the most respected and true ambassadors in metal: tour-work-tour-work and repeat for life. Sweating, headbanging and spitting their lyrics on mankind’s failures, reminding the listener that humanity and its planet will always be fragile.

Under Attack‘ is the first video out of their new LP, a song bearing their signature: furious tempo, agonizing riffing and Shmier’s characteristic voice shouting out the human unkindness. The band’s trio is already on a big world tour to promote their new work and storm the venues. You can check for dates and more news in their official page . For the time being, mosh and thrash till death ‘cause we are under attack!

Mike Dimitriou