I first heard about DEGA two years ago. It was a very melodious retro 80s style electro song called ‘Right Type Of Lover‘. The couple of Aslyn and Kalen Nash (Ponderosa) from Athens, Georgia, located in Joshua Tree, CA formed a band called DEGA. On February 23, 2018 Lemonade Records offered us a magnificent gift, the duo’s amazing self-titled debut album.

Their sound is an amalgamation of electro pop & chill wave, with 80’s vintage elements. The album is a wondrous bouquet of joyful songs without fillers.

Look Back‘ is pretty cool and seems that comes from 80s, and ‘Don’t Call It‘ is almost chill wave-electro with fast tempo rhythm. ‘Golden Gods‘ is an impressive downtempo-chill wave anthemic song with an impressive, almost epic start and a memorable refrain.  ‘Mirrors‘ runs fast in a pop way and presents a melodic beautiful refrain. ‘Darlin‘ is a fantastic 80s-influenced masterpiece of retro pop, full of vintage synths; awesome and melodious, one of the highlights of the album. On repeat again and again. Extraordinary ‘Ocean Love is not only the absolute highlight of the album; it’s one of the most awesome songs of the year. Unbelievable start, a giant impressive sound with hedonic bass riff that blows our feelings around. ‘Phoenix‘ is another masterpiece: ambient start with broken vocals and heartbreaking mood. Vibrations lead to a dramatic bass-drumming crescendo… What a great song!

DEGA’S Debut is the greatest surprise of 2018 for me. Amazing album, astounding songs.

The soundtrack of the summer is (was) here.

Theodoros Rentesis