First EP by Inner Fear, a Greek thrash / death metal band from Athens.


Inner Fear project:
John Polychronopoulos (Lead Vocals, Bass)
Dimitris Kanellopoulos (Drums, Vocals)
Nikos Koutsorevythis (Guitars, Vocals, Backing vocals)
Alex Agryropoylos (Guitars, Backing Vocals)

Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered in
“Dope of Sound” Studio by Kostas Savvidis.
Cover art: Christos Adamos.
Photos: John Koiliopoulos.

We would like to thank our supporting families
and friends, for helping this EP to come true.

Also, special thanks to:
Katerina Kanellopoulou, George Stratakis, Fovitron, Horus Legion,
Όχεντρα, Blacksun, Evil Within, Panos Varvaropoulos, Acid Death,
Savvas Betinis, John Marketos, Alpha State, Manos Xanthakis.

Additional very special thanks to the, out of this world to
Urania Koutsorevythi and Magdalini Argyropoulou.

This album is dedicated to the loving memory of George Koutsorevythis.


“Inner Fear project” is the name of the greek metal band “Inner fear” from the ‘90’s. The band “Inner Fear” was created by Yannis Polychronopoulos and Dimitris Kanellopoulos. After a 20 years gap, the band rejoined with Nikos Koutsorevythis, to continue and evolve our thrash/death music.
Alex Argyropoulos later joined the band November 2016 to fulfill the quartet