Cologne based band, Box And The Twins are indeed an odd thing – together with her ex-lover Marc, and her fiancé Mike, artist and trained psychologist Box creates sublime, fallen, out of time Music – equally enchanting, disturbing, sparkling songs, a wistful search for meaning for significance with patterns in this universal voidness.

After two EPs, the band releases their debut album ‘Everywhere I Go Is Silence‘ on November 8 through Manic Depression Records & Synth Religion. Produced by Hélène de Thoury, the composition of melancholic guitars and dark electronics complements the vision of an eternal autumn, creating the perfect soundtrack for the season.

Premiered on on October 19, Pale Blue Dot‘ is the first single and music video of Box And The Twins debut album ‘Everywhere I Go Is Silence‘. Inspired by Carl Sagan, Box And The Twins ask the question if the transcendence of existence indicates any significance whatsoever, or if we are only living in some forgotten corner of the universe.