Traveling with a vintage pop emotion

‘Leave this world
This miserable, self-destructive, so fucked up world
This is your chance
Are you ready? Are you ready?
Let us fly to Mars
It’s a one way trip’

Last March, Daphne And The Fuzz released their self – titled debut album through Inner Ear Records. Main figure of the indie vintage pop band from Greece is Daphne Lz. During the period 2011 – 2015 she composed on her piano and wrote the lyrics of all the 10 songs of the album as well. The orchestration was materialized by Daphne along with her band mates, leading to an admittedly very interesting result.

Retro pop melodies with dashes of blues and soul, jazzy moments, a groovy live rhythm section and dreamy mellotron arrangements are accompanied by the charismatic vocals of Daphne. Their songs are full of emotions, sensitivity, along with the innocence and frustration of a youngster facing the prospect of adulthood. ‘Burn Down Your House’ is the opening track of the album and the first video clip, directed and edited by Daphne herself with a… selfie stick (!), proving that this girl from Athens not only has composing and singing skills, but she is actually a multi-talented personality. ‘Happy’ has a cheerful, catchy tune that will stick inside your heads for hours. Trust me on this one. In ‘Journey To Mars’ the band reveals a psychedelic mood. ‘I’ll Shine’, ‘Unexistable’, ‘Purple Lighting’” and ‘I Lost My Inspiration’ have a clear reference to the past with a pleasantly warm vintage sound, achieved by analog recordings in some parts of the production. It must be noted that a big asset of the album is the well looked-after production by Alex Bolpasis.

Daphne and the Fuzz have the capacity to earn a great audience. They have already proved that when they released the single ‘Doop Doop’ and it became a hit in the Greek radio stations. ‘Doop Doop’ was also included in Inner Ear’s anniversary compilation ‘INN Pop‘. What’s most important though is that their creativity and craft are very promising for the future. It’s worthwhile to check them out.

Yiannis Apostolopoulos