I am Rusty Joints and I produced the album, for D4RKSID3. He is the EmCee/ the artist. This is a collaboration project.

This project comes from a dark place.
A dark twisted misunderstood crevice in the bottom right corner of my brain…..  These tracks are just a few scattered thoughts I’ve collected along the way.

At first it was just an idea, until I linked up with Rusty Joints. That’s when he was able to fit in the remaining pieces to the puzzle. With his help I was able to put together what I now call ‘THE DARK TAPE‘….
Huge thanks to Rusty for dedicating his craft and time to this project.

Also a huge shout out to the other half of the breed Novello, as well as Puertored, and Astoria veteran Shaz ill York for jumping on some of these tracks….