Cynical Ants from Athens had a long long history before they formed their post punk trio band. Sfuck, Penny and Angel came together as members of Sex Beat and their long friendship shared their love for jamming and handmade instruments.

Sfuck was also a member of the historical underground band, Sarka, Penny has played with the feminist band The Meanie Geanies and Angel was also a member of Suspect Device.

With their long music history and desire to write new music, they formed the Cynical Ants, about a year ago, a band with fresh ideas on classic post punk forms and sarcastic lyrics.

Their first EP ‘Just Numbers’ was released last June through Bandcamp and since then they have performed in various places in Greece.

Just Numbers’ includes 5 songs with amazing riffs,  Penny’s voice adds awkwardness and warmness at the same time. They themselves describe their music as a generator of “cynical sounds for a void dance” and our personal favourite is ‘Normaliser’, probably because we want all of our problems to be solved. Feel free to choose your favorite song among the five cynicals with lyrics and music written by both Penny and Angel.

This period they are in the studio, writing new songs and soon we will hear more from them.

Cynical Ants are:

Penny @guitar and vocals

Angel @bass and vocals

Sfuck @drums

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Photo credits: Apostolis Strantzalis

Malina Tzachristou