Davidian is Council of Nine’s second album focusing on the dark side of mass followings and cults, the first being Exit Earth.

“On the outskirts of texas a worn down man sick to death of the lies and deceit of this world stumbled into a ground breaking discovery. This man who was suddenly gifted with an ancient knowledge and armed with a direct link to god, convinced his followers to lead a simple path, a path of goodness, a path of true faith regardless of the judgement of man, because they knew that no man could judge a single one of them, the only judgement would come long after we shed our mortal coil.

As long as his followers remained true and faithful to the information being given to them. This information was indeed coming from god and this god was not a kind one, he told us that those who wish to destroy evrything we have built would soon come for us, that they would take us all in a battle of heaven and hell. Riding in on their chariots armed with the lies and hatred of man, our father told us to take the sword And 1000 swords we took”