Cool…Smooth…Chill. 5 tracks for your complete leisure, relief & enjoyment. Best enjoyed on weekend evenings.

Lebenswelt – A short history of decay. Part 1

(neoclassical, slowcore, cinematic)

An alluring blend of neoclassical, slowcore and cinematic, with a hauntingly beautiful video… Trippy, beyond words soundscapes!

Le Douze  – Fruits of my life

(reggae, pop-rock)

What if Pink Floyd messed up with some reggae vibes? Then you have Le Douze’s  ‘Fruits of my life’…

Galena – Quiet Moments Of Focus

(drone, meditative music)

2 minutes of meditative drone destined for repeated listens… Warm, lofi and super relaxing!

Philby – Alone in the Shuttle

(instrumental, ambient)

Philby’s  ‘Alone in the Shuttle’ is a beguiling, instrumental, ambient piece ideal for calming down during the weekends!

Eamonn Watt – Kindness and Love


A gentle, neoclassical bijou by British composer Eamon Watt, with a title that totally complies with the sound!

Christos Doukakis