Creating nihilistic industrial music since 2010, inspired by people’s perception of all that is right and wrong with the world, Cease2Xist is harsh, relentless and unforgiving.

Returning after 3 years since their critically acclaimed sell out releases ‘You Are Expendable‘ and ‘WIYGN?‘ EP, Cease2xist return in 2017 with their new album ‘Zero Future‘. Their 4th official release explores the current situation of the world. From natural disaster to political and social atrocities, ‘Zero Future‘ explores a darker side of Cease2Xist that will leave you breathless.

The album draws inspiration from a wide range of styles and sounds from orchestral and ambient to acid techno, classic industrial, film scores and extreme metal.

Now signed to UK label Armalyte Industries. Cease2Xist plan to explore their new era and sound to break new boundaries in 2017.

Album Release: 10/02/2017 (10th Feb)

Cease2Xist – ‘Zero Future‘ (ARMCD038)

  1. Remove The Head Of The Snake
  2. Make The World A Bitter Place
  3. Mechanical Medicine
  4. Augury and Innocence
  5. Dirty World
  6. Take Comfort In The Void
  7. Bosozoku Nights
  8. Zero Future

All music, recording and mixing by Dayve Yates. Mastered by Jules Seifert (Epic Audio Media). Album Photography by Casper Macindoe. ( www.armalyte.com)

Cease2Xist – ‘Zero Future’ Trailer: