End Result Productions label boss Rådgärd Lyndsay presents a solo project of minimal synthpop music with the release of the ‘Cadere‘ C32. It arrives under Lyndsay’s alias Postura and concludes the End Result «Summer Campaign», which began publishing weekly cassette and zine releases in July 2016.

Stylistically it is a melancholic brand of bass-heavy minimal synth music which, while retaining the verse-chorus song structure that is conventional in pop, explores much darker thematic territory. Themes of increasing gender dysphoria and declining mental health are reconciled by exploring Hermetic principles of Correspondence, Gender and Polarity, a resolve which has been largely informed through Lyndsay’s personal studies under AMORC and Aurum Solis. Five original tracks conclude with a cover of impLOG’s famous song ‘Holland Tunnel Dive‘ in an interpretation which nods towards this Hermetic Principle of Polarity, all mastered on tape with hardware tools by Alex Garcia-Rivera of Mystic Valley Studio in Medford, MA, US. The songs themselves were composed with a combination of modular gear and hardware synths, then synchronously tracked live in single takes.