Brian Eno, one of the most prolific music people to have walked this earth and a paragon modern music, released a new album on April 29, via Warp Records. ‘The Ship‘ is a four-track, roughly 48-minute long album inspired by the disasters of the 20th century, according to Eno.

The opener, ‘The Ship‘ is a 21-minute track followed by a three-piece suite: ‘Fickle Sun (i)‘, ‘Fickle Sun (ii) The Hour Is Thin‘ and ‘Fickle Sun (iii) I’m Set Free‘. The last track is a beautiful, ethereal cover of The Velvet Underground’s song from their self-titled third studio album.

The album is available on the musician’s website, as well as on Amazon and i-Tunes.


Debbie Maliotaki

You can have a taste by listening to the majestic opening title song here.