Brett Hoffmann, the former vocalist of the classic death metal act Malevolent Creation, lost his battle with cancer at the age of 51. The sad news were revealed by his wife with a Facebook announcement.

Hoffmann was the vocalist of Malevolent Creation for their first three albums, leaving the band in 1993 after the release of ‘Stillborn‘. He returned for the ‘The Fine Art Of Murder‘ (1998) and ‘Envenomed‘ (2000) and left again. He then rejoined for three more albums: ‘Doomsday X‘ (2007),  ‘Invidious Dominion‘ (2010) and ‘Dead Man’s Path‘ (2015). Leaving again from Malevolent Creation he joined the project Fire For Effect with the guitarist Gio Geraca (Malevolent Creation, Ashes Of Ares), the bassist Tony Choy (Pestilence) and the drummer Mike Smith (Suffocation).

Brett Hoffman made also a few guest vocal appearances in acts such as Silent Death, Truth Corroded, Solace Of Requiem, Masticator and Hellcannon.

Mary Kalaitzidou