Blutengel2 - Αντίγραφο

Blutengel, the dark pop, gothic electronica legends have recently announced that their new LP ‘Save Us’, which actually is ‘The Omen’ re-release, will be out probably on 1st July via Out Of Line. The latter had not been available for a while due to a legal dispute, and as the band says, it will be a milestone release far beyond the confines of the dark scene.  A 16-track CD will be released, along with the usual deluxe 2 CD edition of bonus tracks and remixes.

Blutengel are an important name in the genre, having made numerous releases and always performing in high billing. Gothic electronic music highly produced with meticulous artwork too.



  1. Prologue: Save Us

  2. Sing

  3. The Siren

  4. Wir sind was wir sind

  5. Give me

  6. The War Between Us

  7. Fire In The Distance

  8. Dein Gott

  9. Guilty

  10. Save Us

  11. Der Regen fällt…

  12. Ich bin das Feuer

  13. Holy Blood

  14. Asche zu Asche

  15. Bow Down

  16. Elegy

Bonus Disc Deluxe Edition:

  1. Inside Of Me

  2. Save Your Tears

  3. Am Abgrund

  4. Starkeeper (Album Version)

  5. Fire In The Distance (Blutengel vs. Terminal Choice)

  6. Stay (with me)

  7. Lovesong?

  8. Asche zu Asche (Static Violence Remix)

Mike Dimitriou

Sing‘ from ‘Save Us‘: