Blues Boom is a column that will target on presenting the cream of the crop of blues, modern blues, neo blues & blues rock sound. Eight tracks will be featured on every post that every blues fan should directly move to. 

“Simple music is the hardest music to play and blues is simple music”. – Albert Collins


A fiery kick-off for this Blues Boom round-up with a trio formed in Staunton Virginia in 2018 called The Flops who don’t want to work regular jobs anymore & ‘Fuck the Morning‘ may very well be the case that we could totally agree! An immense bluesy fuzz opus, with stunning rhythm section and a “gnarling lion” for singer/frontman named Tony Ball… Wild stuff!

John Pati‘s  ‘Hell to Pay‘  is a  classic  blues rock   number   featuring blistering SRV-style, Texas blues guitar solos and passionate vocals… Edgar Winter‘s former touring guitar player is destined to be   embraced   by every blues/classic rock fan…

Sloan Woolly unleash an interesting & worth checking out ‘combination of classic rock and modern country twang, punk-style vocals, and Bob Dylan-esque lyrics‘,with their latest track  ‘Futures‘. Bring it on dudes!

GLUE is an up-and-coming, Manchester based modern blues rock band and ‘Colour Black‘ marks their second single, featuring powerhouse, soulful vocals by Songwriter and Lead Vocalist Liv in the vein of some of the greatest 60s, rock music Divas… Play loud!

High time we eased off a bit with Norwegians Jim’s Not Dead and their americana/blues ballad ‘If I Die Tomorrow‘; Couldn’t agree more with the press release quick pitch:  ‘Americana at its roots, with solid doses of delta blues, outlaw country and rock and roll, extolling the same constants that have haunted these genres since their inception, love and death.’

Vicious Clay‘s is the music ‘brainchild’ of based in Brooklyn, NY, Vinny da Silva & ‘Shut Up‘ is an unmissable, “primitive”, blues rock, instrumental treat off the project’s recently released self-titled EP.

All instruments (drums, bass and guitar), were recorded with no extra overdubs, one take each instrument, to give the song the raw feel the band has when performing live, in a power trio setting.’ And they defo did right! 

Izzie’s Caravan‘s ‘Drownin’ Man’s Blues‘ is “heavily influenced by the likes of Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith as early influences, followed by later guitarists like Izzy Stradlin and John Frusciante. But, it was the blues of Stevie Ray, Clapton, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters, and of course, Buddy Guy, that inspired Izzie’s return to music“. Pure dope!

LaBronn Conner Jr.‘s ‘Freedom On My Mind‘, ‘was written prior to the rallies and the protests that have been going for the murders and injustices of many of the African Americans in the media today, but the song has so much meaning now more than ever. It brings a hard classic blues style to the real lyricisms of the world today‘.

A mighty vocal performance by a brave young artist unleashing one of the best and most vital jazz/blues tracks of 2020 so far…

‘Blues Brother’: Christos Doukakis