Blues Boom is a column that will target on presenting the cream of the crop of blues, modern blues, neo blues & blues rock sound. Eight tracks will be featured on every post that every blues fan should directly move to. 

“Simple music is the hardest music to play and blues is simple music”. – Albert Collins


Starting this Blues Boom round-up with the Australian band  The SunBears and their raw, blues rock ‘Naughty Boy‘, which was recorded a farm house in Bega, Australia, Upbeat, noisy & above all….. Naughty!

NIKO & the SINISTER BLUES comes from Germany, and the 3nd single ‘Not Leaving Down South‘ is a ferocious blues rock banger with compelling, vocals and one of the Hammond organ performances we’ve experienced in a while! Prepare yourselves for the wildest ride in a far-our, smokey saloon full of outlaws… Or smth like that! 

It’s high time to chill down a bit with The DePatie Melt‘s instrumental blues treasure ‘The Viking Princess And The Troll King‘ with a spotless guitar performance and an ideal balance between emotion and power. According to DePatie “I came up with the title while visiting Norway in January 2017. I had seen a hilarious Norwegian mockumentary called Troll Hunter, and I got the idea for a story kind of the like Beauty And The Beast or Shrek,”

Robert Connely Farr‘s ‘Going Down South ‘, is a high voltage electric blues/Southern rock amalgam which finds the artist in fine shape, and a more than ideal taster from the upcoming album!

 Bryan Gisburne‘ ‘Lord I’m Gone‘ is taken from 2021’s ‘Midwinter‘ album, and it’s a vigorous country-blues rocker with excellent vocals and a healthy dose of energy!

Minneapolis-based jam band Pandelion recently released their debut 4-trck EP of the same name, and ‘Alley Cat‘ is an alluring blues-jazz-funk treat with playful mood and continuous ups & downs that will keep you involved form start to finish!

The Blue And Gold‘s reinterpretation of the country blues classic ‘When The Levee Breaks‘ (originally recorded by Memphis Minnie in 1929). is a flawless blues-americana gem warming us up for their debut album out on April 29th!

.Last but not least Austin singer-songwriter Josh Mosier‘s ‘Bad Habit‘ is finely calibrated jazz blues ear-candy bridging classic with modern in the nest manner…

‘Blues Brother’: Christos Doukakis