Blues Boom is a column that will target on presenting the cream of the crop of blues, modern blues, neo blues & blues rock sound. Eight tracks will be featured on every post that every blues fan should directly move to. 

“Simple music is the hardest music to play and blues is simple music”. – Albert Collins


The kick-off for this Blues Boom round-up belongs to 3 Indiana boys that found magic in Nashville, TN, The Reveal & their ‘She’s Bad‘, a “blues rock number meets hip hop style vocals, southern twang, funky slap bass and some progressive jam” taken from their recently released album ‘Do You Know?‘. Volcanic! 

Ray Cashman‘s ‘Rainfall‘  is a blues number “Sitting playing the guitar on the front porch , watching big stormy clouds coming rolling in. As the rain fell the lyrics started, by the end of the storm I had myself a song“… Old school blues with gentle jazz hints.

One-man-band based in Utrecht and originating from Virginia, USA and Paris, France, Van Tastik‘s debut single ‘Ain’t No Man With Money‘ is recalling the likes of Seasick Steve, The Black Keys or The White Stripes – and was inspired by the struggle to find one’s place in the homogenized mass of the modern world where artists and uniqueness occupy a very fleeting space.

Ceci Noir is a singer, songwriter and producer that comes from the deep woods, waters and valleys of Dalarna, Sweden and  ‘Out of Borlänge‘ in an ideal example of her musicianship. Intimate, raw, acoustic blues rock with classic rock identity. Music from the heart for the listener’s soul!

19 year-old Singer-songwriter Sawyer Fredericks, presents a rockin’ blues roots track with raw emotion. ‘Call It Good‘… Powerful & soulful!

Formed in 2018 when Chas Rio (bass) recruited Brother Dave, Bushwick Blooze Band deliver an unmissable blues gem ‘Lonely and Blue‘, that ‘builds off the traditional blues form with some modern twists, adding a rock element and intricate guitar work on a foundation of a laid-back infrastructure, while the lyrics tell the age old story of love and loss.’

Black River Delta‘s ‘Shakin’was born out of two really overdriven guitars desire to tell a story about a man who leaves everything in search for happiness someplace far from home. Only to find out he just left it behind. A fine blend of blues rock with garage rock… Flaming grooves!

West Georgia Americana Folk Rock Blues artist Coyote Morning‘s ‘Dark Arts‘, is a great badass closure for this Blues Boom number; an indolent garage-y, blues rock treat for the misty, lockdown nights….

‘Blues Brother’: Christos Doukakis