The remarkable synth-pop act Blancmange, has been active since late 70’s, (debut album ‘Happy Families‘, 1982). After their disbandment (1986) & reformation (2006), the band seems to be in more than fine shape; Their latest offering, last year’s ‘Commuter 23‘ was an electronic-abstract masterpiece. Neil Arthur has undertaken writing, recording and production duties (along with Benge). After Fader‘s (Arhur’s collaboration with Benge) excellent debut (‘First Light‘) in June, this seems an ideal, productive period for Blancmange and Neil, so we are very much looking forward to ‘Unfurnished Rooms‘.

Moby‘s statement ‘Probably the most under-rated electronic act of all time‘ has turned out to be truer than ever!

    Christos Doukakis

From the forthcoming album – ‘Unfurnished Rooms‘ :