Birthmark, the Athenian five-piece alternative electro rock band announced their new release for 20th July. It’s the single ‘Rainbow’ together with ‘Everyday’ (Formal Groove remix) via The Sound Of Everything. The band has been active for more than a decade having released 2 LPs, constantly performing live and exploring new sounds and new ways in their music. Starting as an alternative rock band, Birthmark followed their influences that led them to electro arrangements and established their name among the most respected, talented acts in the underground. The new single ‘Rainbow’ is a mid-tempo groovy, melodic song with catchy vocals in it, but don’t miss the lyrics; a story of loss like a complaint, a lament that gives a character to it. On the other hand ‘Everyday’ is a summertime remix by Formal Groove that takes it to an uplifting electro pop level. A very good release from a band that never hides their alternative rock core, no matter what quest they are in. Enjoy!


Mike Dimitriou