In 2014 the journey of Birthday Kicks began with the release of the 7-inch ‘Gotta Believe’, literally as a thunderbolt because I wasn’t aware that Larissa, apart from beautiful girls and boys, could export bands like this in the domestic musical events. In my personal opinion, up until then, the local scene was poor until the Kicks along with the dEAD Balloons came to straighten things up. Second journey with the full album ‘Black Echo Trap’, undoubtedly they leave their mark with their unique sound. 2016 and we are some months before the official full release, a split with the Screaming dEAD Balloons. I wouldn’t want to do  injustice to Screaming dEAD Ballons, having already released a full album back in 2014 and with a personal fixation on the song ‘Party’ (crazy about them, especially after a somewhat live concert), they continue their musical journey with the release of a blue 10-inch album named ‘Banana Blue’, the same year of the official release and we reach again their most recent, own composition ‘Last Minute Hero’ with an incredible guitar beefing alongside the bass and drums, one of their greatest songs and short enough so you can enjoy. You need to listen to them more. We flip side and we find a marvelous Ramones’ cover from cut out exactly for Birthday Kicks, a clearly bass driven song with the catchiest refrain:

She talks to birds she talks to angels

She talks to trees she talks to bees

She don’t talk to me

Talks to the rainbows and to the seas

She talks to the trees

She don’t talk to me

Don’t talk to me

Makis Gevros