Geir Jenssen, aka Biosphere, has always taught us dream with his music. His electronic and ambient sound, often mystical and surreal, has always captivated the listener’s attention.

In particular, within 2016, Biosphere gifted us with two masterpieces. A reissue of ‘Patashnik’ (with bonus tracks) and ‘The Hilvarenbeek Recordings’.

The latter one is a very special and interesting production, in which there are field recordings taken from the organic farm Boerderij in Hilvarenbeek, during Incubate festival (in Tilburg).

Only 4 tracks; 4 tracks that paint the life of a little place in which nature is uncontaminated. Pure. The album sets off with ‘‘T Schop’, which represents an introduction of a typical work day. The initial noise puts us in a frenetic status on the edge of a warm atmosphere and peace. What follows is ‘Pipistrellus’: A beat of small wings that seem to be somewhere near us. At least impressive. The end of these strange rhythms gives place to ‘Audax’. A beautiful and mystical trip, where we find the “typical” sounds of  Biosphere accompanied by arrangements hard to find. Without forget the extraordinary sounds that give off a sense of magic and uniqueness.The last track is ‘Strigiformes’.

The end of work. The end of day. The sound united with the voice of birds ride us into the night. Into a place in which nature falls into a soft dream. This is a really interesting EP. Very introspective. It gives the listener a time travel in which any kind of rest is aborted. Happy listening!

Antonio Cristofaro