The Melbournites are on the brink of releasing their third album, ‘Second Of Spring’, the followup to 2013’s ‘She Beats’. While it’s been four years since we’ve last had a full-length to sink our teeth into the psych-rockers haven’t seem to have forgotten a thing, in fact they’ve become more fine-tuned. ‘Arrow’ is the retro riff-heavy third single from the double-LP, following the release of ‘Void’ last month. The music video is eclectic and very much Beaches – filmed by member Antonia Sellbach, it features animated videos Sellbach made in art school. “We appear on the margins as shadows and silhouettes, always secondary to the onslaught of shape, colour and forms in flux,” the guitarist stated on the band’s brief appearances in-between the animations. You can find ‘Second Of Spring’ out September 8th via Chapter Music.

Sarah Medeiros