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Natasha Khan aka Bat For Lashes/SEXWITCH etc. releases her new Bat For Lashes LP, ‘The Bride’ on 1st July. A pre-order of the LP will get you the lead single ‘In God’s House’ instantly and if you pre-order on iTunes or Amazon, you will receive ‘Sunday Love’, both out of ‘The Bride’.

Natasha Khan is a very talented woman, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer. She started in 2006 with ‘Fur And Gold’, following her earlier 7’’ vinyl debut single ’The Wizard’, but it was not until April 2009, though, that she made her blast when her LP ‘Two Suns’, reached no. 5 in the UK Albums Chart and was certified Gold with 100.000 copies. Her musical concerns won’t stop at Bat For Lashes and, in August 2015, she forms SEXWITCH, a psychedelic-folk world music group. She is very active making music, performing live and collaborating with other musicians, and what can be said is that she is an original talent in music. Bat For Lashes is her indie/alternative character, a blend of pop music with a kind of rock arrangement in it, that puts her name in the front line. ‘Sunday Love’ is a fantastic song with a very catchy refrain and a cinematic, excellent official video, and judging from that, we expect an ideal release on July 1st. Luckily, she set a very ambitious threshold by sharing two very good songs out of her upcoming album.

Mike Dimitriou