1. Dystopia
2. Newborn Mind
3. Different Skin
4. Brought Here To Suffer
5. Afterlife

6. Maps
7. Of Jams, Smokes & Promises
8. Stargazer
9. Remedy
10. Utopia

A message from the band:

“Hi everyone! We just wanted to share a few words with you on our debut album!

‘Newborn Mind’ is something that we’ve worked really hard on both as a collective and as individuals, so it’s a great feeling knowing that we finally get to reveal what we’ve had to keep from everyone for so long! We couldn’t be more driven and motivated to both push the boundaries and make sure our new music reaches as many people as possible – old fans and new! This is a record that we want to really hit home and have an impact upon the fans as they sit and listen to it. Let’s just say that this is only the first chapter of the Napoleon adventure and we’re already writing for album number two.

Thanks to all of you for your continuous support, for pre-ordering the album and for sticking by us throughout the long wait!

Wes, Sam, David, James