2020 has been a pretty tough year for pretty much the entire world, and for musicians especially. Now more than ever people need to try their best to help out various types of artists in whatever way possible. We thought it would be nice to share the artists we have been listening to during quarantine. Hopefully you’ve been listening to our new single “By The Beach” to pass the time!

Oddjob: We’re always impressed with groups that are able to cover a wide range of styles while maintaining consistency and focus, which Oddjob do by adding a healthy dose of nordic folk flavouring and choice noises to their Lounge Lizards-esque jazz fusion. The folk influence also really grounds their music and gives a strong impression of being in a time and place, which is extremely cool.

Zappa: Does this one need an explanation? It’s because it’s Zappa.

El Jefazo: Mostly because South American stoner metal owns, but also because our ears gravitate to low frequencies.

Maitreya Kali (Craig Smith) and Skip Spence: Both artists really only have one release – and both were created by people who essentially dissolved into obscurity and mental health problems for the rest of their lives. Each really had a belief in the ideals of the 60s, and each had those turn violently on them, leaving us with this weird leftover snapshot of the dark side of the acid wave and its transition into the materialism of the 70s onwards.