Mott The Hoople‘s bass failed silent. Pete ‘Overend’ Watts from the English, glam rock outfit died from throat cancer on January 22, at the age of 69.

Pete was born in Birmingham and grew up to Sussex and Herefordshire becoming a professional musician sometime around mid 60’s, alongside guitarist Mick Ralphs. Late Guy Stevens, advised him to alter his name, and then adopted the Overend Watts one.

Mott (as they were also known) came to life in 1974 with notable R&B roots while serving the glam rock ‘hysteria’ from 1974 to 1978. Their anthem was ‘All The Young Dudes‘, written for the band by David Bowie, and of course Watts’ distinctive bass is noticeable from he initial listen. As Louder Than War reports, Pete was the one “who made the link with David Bowie when he applied for the bass guitar role in Bowie’s band as Mott were falling apart- a shocked Bowie gave the band All The Young Dudes instead...”

Christos Doukakis

This one written by Overend Watts: